Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please don't share this on FaceBook!

Pull-Ups iGo Potty for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Okay, at first I thought, hmmm - kinda weird. Does this mean a child at potty-training age needs to have their own iPhone? What the heck is wrong with an old fashioned kitchen timer? Jeez.

Then my next thought was....I hope some Mom somewhere doesn't forget to turn off this app before going into that important business meeting. "Hi, it's Potty Patty!"

Lastly, as I looked over the app description and screen shots, I noticed the handy feature that allows a proud parent to "share a progress report with family and friends".

Seriously? Yeah, ummm, don't even think about including me in that. I don't want to read an e-mail or Facebook post that your child peed in the potty. Really, no thanks.


  1. :-/ Fine! :-P I won't tell you!!!

  2. Haha!! this was totally NOT directed at anyone I personally know - just in general. You can let me know!


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