Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hamster vs. human

Didn't get that hamster you wanted as a kid? No worries, this product will help your dreams come true - you just need a baby!

Yes, my friend - that is meant for a human baby.

Yes, I was using humor and sarcasm to mask my anger.

Sad. So, so sad. Why would someone who would stoop to that level of removing any form of human contact from their child even have children?

It just hurts my chest {read:heart} thinking about the poor babies that get fed that way. What can be so damn important that someone can't even take the time to hold a baby and the bottle?

Ugh. I'm so disgusted I have to go snuggle with my baby.

*This post is not in any way directed at parents of multiples that use such a device to feed their babies. Unless, said parents purposely birthed multiples. Then I feel extra sad for their children. Yes, I'm serious.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bring me the tissues!

Normally I am a calm, unemotional person. Very few things make me cry at the drop of a hat. I was relaxing, errr researching blogs when I stumbled upon a website and came upon this beauty.

It knocked me on my feet and my eyes leaked. Wow, that was surprising. I guess I am an emotional sap, after least when it comes to my children.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Looking for a good, clean time?

As a Proud Breastfeeding Mom (going on 5 1/2 years) I am always looking for ways to learn about ways to encourage other Moms. I have experienced different challenges with each child. Number one was getting comfortable NIP (Nursing in public), an incorrect latch, and some witty responses to naysayers that questioned breastfeeding past my son turning six months old. With the second child, it was colic induced by hyperlactation and pumping every day for a year and a half. Then came baby number three. She latched right away and was a constant nurser. Out of the blue, I was hit with Mastitis when she was four months old. Ugh, I hope to never experience that again.

One thing, however, remains the same. It can be hard and frustrating to find a place to NIP.

While attending a twitter party tonight, I found out about a spectacular tool for parents.

Bye Bye with Baby is a website that serves as a directory of baby-friendly places. You can search by location (radius of 5-100 miles) for locations depending on your criteria. Sure, one of the choices is Nursing/Breastfeeding, but there are other choices such as Urgent Care and Clean Gas Station. They also just created a new form on the website if you’re looking to suggest a location.

I can just imagine how helpful this site can be when planning a trip. Soon, the site will have an iPhone App. Wow!