About Me

I am a proud Mother to four beautiful children and one angel baby. I am married to a wonderful man ~ "Zeus" who is travels constantly and so I am home full time with our four children. We live in Southwest Idaho and enjoy living in such a beautiful area of the Pacific Northwest.

"Ares" was born sleeping, he is our Angel in Heaven. "Apollo" is 12 years old and he is constantly on the go. "Artemis" is 9 years old and she is full of energy and imagination. Our little "Athena" just turned 6 years old and she has brought sunshine into our home. Our youngest, "Alexander" is 2 years old and is a charismatic little guy.

I love to share random snippets of our life, my opinions, product reviews, and hope you enjoy my blog!

You can reach me via e-mail at thegentlemomma (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions or inquiries.