Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Babylegs for summer!

BabyLegs Cool!

New BabyLegs® Cool! designs with UPF protection of 50+ feature a lightweight single-ply mesh design. BabyLegs® warmers protect soft knees from harsh surfaces, make diaper changes a breeze and potty training easier. BabyLegs Cool! debuts in a florescent rainbow of colors such as cherry red, sun kissed orange, and daisy yellow and make a bright and fun baby shower gift. Shop now

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mommy Necklaces???

Yup - that's what they are. Necklaces for a Mom to wear.

Why? Well, if you have children you know the familiar tug from a child. It starts softly, then stronger, then enough to get a reaction out of you. Good or bad, this urge to explore can be turned into a useful learning tool. Learning = jewelry, you say? Why yes, grasshopper...

How? Well according to my friends (solely on my end!) at Mommy Necklaces , "twiddling" is normal and helps your child learn through their environment, including tactile exploration & sensory information.

Safety - Yes even the smallest of my three (4 1/2 months) has what seems like a limitless amount of physical strength when it comes to getting something she wants. No problems with theses necklaces. The founder (Raelynn) shares her story on her website about the safety features.

Designs - The necklaces are hailed as trendy & stylish on their website & I wholeheartedly agree. I very rarely wear "costume jewelry" but these necklaces I will gladly wear. They are colorful, without being overbearing. I *love* the color combinations and the stones are gorgeous.

Latest news: Mommy Necklaces has branched out in the abyss known as Facebook and added a Fan Page. Facebook fans have access to exclusive promotions and designs. To promote this addition, they are currently running a special, which ends at midnight on Thursday, June 25th Check it out here.

Happy shopping!!

Do you g?

I am SO excited. gDiapers has come out with cloth inserts!! Ye-ah!!

They also have introduced everyday g's. These are a six-pack of gPants, 6 liners, & 1 swish stick. Three pairs of great orange and three pairs of genuine vanilla bean little gPants.

gCloth inserts baby!!!!!
gCloth inserts offer a washable and reusable option for gDiapers. They are designed specifically to fit soft little gPants so they don’t require any folding. They provide the same trim fit as biodegradable gRefills without giving up the absorbency. Six inserts per pack.

gCloth absorbs, naturally.
Two layers of soft 100% polyester micro fleece wick moisture away from baby’s bottom. Two layers of hemp/cotton hold moisture in.

Hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in.
Hemp in particular becomes more absorbent with use so the more you wash gCloth inserts, the softer and more absorbent they become.

And…the best news yet…
Use this exclusive coupon code (g893Perkins) to get $30 off everyday g's six-pack!!! That brings the cost down to $40 for 6 gPants or a savings of $55.29!!!!! (if gPants were bought separately)

Don’t miss out – the coupon code is only good until midnight on July 31st!

Now get shopping!!!!

P.S. the little gPant pictured above (glory) is on sale for only $12.99 - perfect for the 4th of July!!