Sunday, July 19, 2009

Signing has Signing Baby!!!

Have you ever heard of Signing Time? I love love love their show & products and was ecstatic to learn that they have new DVD's especially for babies.

Here is the story of how it all started;

Rachel Coleman and her husband Aaron brought home their first daughter, Leah, in December of 1996. They were very surprised to see how well Leah would sleep through practices and concerts for Rachel's folk rock band, and later found out that Leah was profoundly deaf.

Rachel and Aaron began teaching Leah Sign Language to their daughter as quickly as they could, and found that when her friends could only point and whine for the things they wanted, Leah would sign "Juice, not milk" or "Cheese and crackers, please". Other parents begin noticing, and when Rachel's sister Emilie began teaching Sign Language to her son Alex, at only 10 months, he stopped fussing and signed "milk".

Rachel and Emilie decided to create a captivating, entertaining video to teach sign language to hearing children, thus Signing Time was born!

Within a few years, the Signing Time program has spread by word of mouth to all 50 states and over 20 countries. Signing Time is used widely by educators, pediatricians, home-schoolers, speech therapists, public schools, daycare centers, libraries and families as the most fun and easy way to introduce children to sign language.

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