Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hamster vs. human

Didn't get that hamster you wanted as a kid? No worries, this product will help your dreams come true - you just need a baby!

Yes, my friend - that is meant for a human baby.

Yes, I was using humor and sarcasm to mask my anger.

Sad. So, so sad. Why would someone who would stoop to that level of removing any form of human contact from their child even have children?

It just hurts my chest {read:heart} thinking about the poor babies that get fed that way. What can be so damn important that someone can't even take the time to hold a baby and the bottle?

Ugh. I'm so disgusted I have to go snuggle with my baby.

*This post is not in any way directed at parents of multiples that use such a device to feed their babies. Unless, said parents purposely birthed multiples. Then I feel extra sad for their children. Yes, I'm serious.

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