Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BIG booby trap

Best for Babes does an amazing job of addressing issues (aka Booby Traps) that women face when attempting to breastfeed. These booby traps can make breastfeeding difficult or impossible for some women.

I want to address the elephant in the room that I will call the BIG Booby Trap.

Just like the name, this booby trap refers to the issues and or problems that women who are plus size and/or have big breasts face. It is almost impossible to find a nursing bra bigger than 42DDD in any brick and mortar store. And forget about nursing tanks...apparently women with big breasts just like to throw a tent on, because ya know, we don't need any support at all. Glamourmom supposedly offers a yank top in plus size, but I find they run really small. The worst offender, in my opinion, is La Leche League. I love, love, love them as an organization, but their bras and tank top are sadly lacking in size options. Sad.

Today, I came across a link that advertised the new maternity & nursing clothing line from Shari Crisco. I admire Shari for her outstanding work in supporting new parents and especially educating breastfeeding mothers. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised to see the web page showing pictures of the clothes being modeled and captions such as "Sizes and styles to fit EVERY Mom!".

Oh! I was ex-cit-ted!!

So, I clicked on the "Size and Colors" link. Squeeee!

Colors available, nice! Black and pink, I like that.

Styles available, uh huh. Only two, That's okay, I can deal.

Sizes...what? No way! This can't be right!

The clothes only go up to a size 20.

Say what? Is there some odd alternate world I don't know about where only women size 20 and under are allowed to get pregnant and breastfeed?


So I tweeted Shari. "Really? EVERY woman in the world is size 20 or smaller !?!

She responded to me " Of course there's moms larger. That's why my loungewear runs big and very stretchy. Haven't found a momma I couldn't fit :)"

Hmmm. I still don't agree with her. I'm not a size 20 or smaller and I am now breastfeeding for the third time. I can't possibly the only plus size woman that breastfeeds or has breastfed.

What do you think?

If you agree with me, help me let Shari & other brands know this is not okay.

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  1. Hi Laura, great feedback! I was a plus-sized mom when my son was born and I have worked really hard to find great plus sized nursingwear and bras for my store. You can see the complete selection here: http://www.mothersboutique.com/shopbysize.html - unfortunately, I don't have plus sized models to go with the items because I am stuck with what the manufacturers supply - but I do have a great selection. Please pass it along to any of your plus-sized friends!! -- Judy

  2. I"m DEFINITELY bigger than a size 20 and wear around a 42G bra. you are right - selection can be limited. I do very well with the glamourmom tank though, but if it's supposed to go up to a 48J i think they are delusional- I wouldn't want to be any bigger wearing it. Also a new LLLI bra that comes in bigger sizes is pretty comfy (the elizabeth) - I was always annoyed seeing an org like LLLi making bras, and again only fitting the smaller mamas. Can be VERY frustrating... things are changing though - hopefully for the better. But biggest pet peeve is "comes in plus sizes!" and stops at 1x, or 20 etc...

  3. Judy - I just read your related post ( http://mommynewsblog.com/do-plus-sized-and-mommy-go-hand-in-hand/ ) and learned about a few products I am interested in trying. I did not know that LLL had pajamas that ran so big. Thank you!


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